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PROFAUNA Camp 2015

You know what, this is one of my great experiences to go camping in the forest, meet new friends, and learn new things. Honestly, I was a bit worry to join the camp especially when knowing that the area is difficult to get water and it meant we wouldn’t take a bath for 3 days. Gosh! but anyway it was to make the participants understand how it feels when there is no water in this earth. We learnt that we shouldn’t waste water because it becomes valuable and precious when there is no water at all.

I was glad that I also learnt more about forest, wildlife and something new though like camera trap and GPS for the theme is about forest. Forest is such a key of life because if there is no forest then there is no life. Forests are important because they serve a watershed. they also serve as a home (habitat) to millions of animals. Forests serve climate control because trees and soils help regulate atmospheric temperatures through a process called evapotranspiration. This helps to stabilize the climate. Additionally, they enrich the atmosphere by absorbing bad gases (example CO2 and other greenhouse gases) and producing oxygen. Trees also helps to remove air pollutants. Imagine what would be our life if the forests are destroyed.

I also learnt how to survive in the forest, I meant not really survive, only like how to pee or poo in the forest where is no water there, build a tend, cook in the forest (actually I had never went camping or climbing mountain and that isn’t my thing anyway).

There were also many challenging games that built more the confidence and also team work. We played game to build trust with friend like we should jump from back without looking at the people who will catch us. It was really scared me but maybe it is fun (I didn’t try it anyway :p) the games that really memorable for me are making art installation from material in forest with the theme endangered animals. My team made a hawksbill sea turtle and we got second position for that. Yay! then, when the participants were asked to stay 10 minutes ‘alone’ in the forest to hear the sounds from the forest. It felt so calm and I loved it!

Another experience that I will never forget is when we had an independence ceremony in the pine forest and sang Indonesian anthem. Joining PROFAUNA Camp is really great experience for me. It makes me realize how important the water and forest are for our life.

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