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Viva Volunteers. Cheers!

Cikapundung Weekend Workcamp 2015
Cikapundung Weekend Workcamp 2015

The first month in 2015, I have done another volunteering activities in Bandung. The project was held near riverbank of Cikapundung in Taman Sari during three days 23rd until 25th January. This Cikapundung Weekend Workcamp is held successfully with the themes ‘Kids and Education’ and 11 volunteers (from Belgium, German, and Indonesia) participated in this project.

Harmony in Diversity
Harmony in Diversity

We did some activities in this project such as learning and playing with local children. Actually I think I didn’t prepare the material well for learning and playing with the kids and it will be my lesson learned for next project. Then, we did urban farming, planted vegetables with Bu Irma for the local people around camp site. It was nice to learn how to plant vegetables.  Bu Irma explained that the composition of soil and fertilizer is 1:1, but if we use compost the composition is 2:1. Then we mix the soils and fertilizer, after that we put the materials into the polybags. We should wait during a night to make sure the materials have already mixed then we can put the plants into the polybags.

Let's make a green world (?)
Let’s make a green world (?)

Another activity is making handy craft with Bu Yaya. We were taught how to make flowers from old newspaper and magazines. It is simple to make the flowers but we need a lot of patience. Also, Bu Yaya also taught us to decorate used plastic cookie jar by using flannel. Bu Yaya and Pak Yaya are a creative people, they utilize used goods into many beautiful works. They also make brooch, patch refrigerator, key chain which was made of flannel and patchwork. Then, we helped them to sell their products in CFD.

Making newspaper flowers
Making newspaper flowers

Besides selling Bu Yaya’s products, we also did campaign about International Voluntary Service (IVS) and promoted our lovely NGO Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC). We hope there will be more many people know about IVS and IIWC.

Viva Volunteer, Survive!
Viva Volunteer, Survive!

I really find my passion in social activities such this. By doing volunteering like this, I hope in the future I can work in international service like United Nations, WWF, UNESCO, etc. I really want to devote myself for doing something about humanity, equality, environmental, anything that makes a better world and the important thing make a better Me. Amin

Ps: Udah bulan kedua di tahun 2015 aja dan terakhir kali ngisi blog ini bulan September 2014. Geez!


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